BeeGFS High Availability Training

The BeeGFS High Availability training is a two-day virtual course (4 hrs per day) that is only open for BeeGFS users.

All attendees must have previously completed the BeeGFS System Engineering certification.

Remote Training, 8 hrs in total sessions, over two days.

Training daily timings: 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM  Central European Time

Course Description: Learn how to set up a BeeGFS HA Solution with DRBD, Pacemaker/Corosync in a mixed environment (shared storage and shared nothing storage)
The Training modules will include:
1.) Background of available HA Setups
2.) DRBD configuration
3.) Pacemaker configuration with
3.1) Resources
3.2) Resource Groups
3.3) Location and colocation constraints
4.) BeeGFS setup for HA
5.) Failover testing

At the end of the training, you will have a running 4 Node BeeGFS HA-Cluster.

Upon successful completion of the training, all participants will receive a certificate.

Course cost €1500’s / US$1500 (pre payment required)


22. - 23.Nov.2023
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