BeeGFS in the Amazon Cloud

BeeGFS is available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud in two flavors: The community support edition is completely free of software charges, while the professional support edition adds a monthly fee. The BeeGFS instances can be launched directly from AWS Marketplace, where you can also find details on pricing, or from this website (non AWS Marketplace).
(Note: Search engines such as Google may still find outdated BeeGFS AWS Marketplace product websites. Please make sure to search via the official AWS Marketplace website.)

Launching BeeGFS on AWS will result in a fully working BeeGFS setup, which is readily available to store your large data sets for high performance access.

By default, the BeeGFS instances on AWS use Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes to preserve your data even when all virtual machines are shut down, so that you can come back later to resume working with your data sets and don’t need to keep your virtual machines running while you are not using them.

It is also possible to launch BeeGFS on AWS through the Alces Flight cluster management suite. See here for the whitepaper: Alces Flight with BeeGFS

BeeGFS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Setup

CentOS 7

  • Support of instance store NVMEs and new instance types. If you chose to setup BeeGFS on the NVME instance storage you can achieve great performance boosts compared to EBS volumes. However, such storage is not persistent in case of instance restarts.
  • BeeGFS7
  • New instance types
  • Choose up to 8 EBS volumes for even better performance (NEW)

– Launch BeeGFS 

Professional Support Edition Setup

Currently not available here – please use AWS Marketplace

Costs: $350/month + per instance / hour (For details see AWS Marketplace)

Launch BeeGFS: Default
Launch BeeGFS: With VPC
Launch BeeGFS: Into existing VPC
  • Default: All parameters are available.
  • With VPC: BeeGFS instances are launched into an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Into Existing VPC: BeeGFS instances are launched into an existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)