Latest Release & Installation

Latest Stable Release: 7.2 | Release Date: Aug 13th, 2020 | Changelog | Repository
New releases will be announced on the low volume beegfs-announce mailing list.


Manual Installation
  • First, add the BeeGFS package repository to your system.
  • Then download the corresponding server or client packages to your nodes
    and set the basic configuration parameters.
In case you are already familiar with BeeGFS or just want to see a short quick-start installation reference, you might want to jump directly to the Installation Commands Walk-Through Example.

Detailed instructions for the manual installation procedure and repository URLs can be found in the Manual Installation Guide.

Direct Download

If you want to download repository files or BeeGFS packages directly, you can find them here.

Note: If you want to run BeeGFS on a platform, for which you can’t find the appropriate packages here, you might want to build BeeGFS from source for your system. It’s easy.