User Meeting 2016

A lot has changed since the very first FhGFS release in 2009. The file system, which we developed with special emphasis on ease of use, flexibility and performance is now known as BeeGFS. Apart from the name change, a lot of interesting things happened in the BeeGFS community. It was only last year that we finally decided to turn BeeGFS into open-source software. In the meantime, it has proven to be reliable on installations of all kinds and sizes, ranging from a handful of nodes to current Top500 clusters.

Many of the improvements that have been added to the file system in the last couple of years were designed based on feedback and suggestions from the user community and there are still a lot of exciting new features to come in the years ahead. We consider it necessary to get in touch with our users on a regular basis and get them together with our team and our partners.

So we are very pleased to invite you to join the 2016 BeeGFS user meeting. It is a chance to get an overview of the current development status, hear more details about some special features, learn from the experience of other users, and talk to the developers about the features that you would like to see in future releases.

Please note that you don‘t need an active support contract with us to attend the event. The meeting is open to everyone with an interest in BeeGFS, so please feel free to forward this invitation to your colleagues and friends.

Sponsored by our partners:
TranstecClustervisionMegwareGrau Data



May, 18th
12:30 pmReception 
  1:15 pmIntroductionDr. Franz-Josef Pfreundt, Fraunhofer
  1:45 pmBeeOND – BeeGFS on DemandBernd Lietzow, Fraunhofer
  2:05 pmBeeGFS turn-key solutionsChristoph Budziszewski, Transtec AG
2:35 pmBeeGFS on Amazon AWS Cloud Computing ServicesDr. Jens Krüger, Fraunhofer
  3:05 pmCoffee Break 
  3:45 pmExtreme performance and density with BeeGFSJoe Landman, Scalable Informatics
  4:15 pmHSM combining different disk recording technologiesPhilipp Reisner, Linbit
  4:45 pmBeeGFS with QlustarDr. Roland Fehrenbacher, Q-Leap Networks
  7:00 pmDinner 


May, 19th
8:30 amReception 
9:00 amHow do I … with BeeGFS – Hints for typical use casesDr. Ely Wagner, ThinkParQ
9:30 amHSM and Backup for BeeGFSUlrich Lechner, Grau Data
10:00 amBeeGFS in the DEEP/-ER ProjectCristina Manzano, Jülich Supercomputing Center
10:20 amCoffee break 
11:00 amBeeGFS User APIsFrank Kautz, Fraunhofer
11:20 amBacula and BeeGFS dockerizedReiner Jung, Mtier Ltd.
11:45 amData Mirroring with BeeGFSChristian Mohrbacher, Fraunhofer
12:10 pmBeeGFS at the MPI for Metabolism ResearchDr. Stefan Vollmar, MPI for Metabolism Research
12:40 pmHP Enterprise Solutions for BeeGFSHolger Gelinek, HP Enterprise
13:10 pmClosing RemarksSven Breuner, ThinkParQ
13:30 pmLunch