BeeGFS APIs Overview

Besides the POSIX interface, BeeGFS provides other APIs to take more control of data placement, query additional information or access data through other interfaces.

1) The Striping API allows the application developers to create files with individual stripe patterns, which are adjusted for the access pattern of a particular file. It also allows querying of stripe pattern details of files.

2) The Cache API provides functions to copy data between a fast BeeGFS cache file system (typically a BeeOND instance) and a global BeeGFS. Prefetching and flushing of data to and from the cache file system can be done synchronously and asynchronously. The asynchronous prefetch/flush offloads the copy task to a cache daemon, which copies the data with multiple threads to speed up the data transfer.

3) With the Hadoop BeeGFS Connector, BeeGFS can be used as an alternative to the Hadoop file system (HDFS). Hadoop applications can use the general Hadoop file system API to access BeeGFS.

Table of Contents

  1. Striping API
  2. Cache API
  3. Hadoop BeeGFS Connector

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