Admon Guide

The BeeGFS Administration and Monitoring System (short: Admon) provides a graphical interface to perform administrative management tasks and to monitor the state of the file system and its components.

Important note regarding security and vulnerability: The http interface provided by the beegfs-admon service is not designed for usage in an unsecured setup! Therefore, you should expose the port configured in /etc/beegfs/beegfs-admon.conf only within highly trusted environments. Make sure, that your firewall rules prohibit any access to that host and port from outside.

The BeeGFS Administration and Monitoring System consists of two parts:

Note on Java: It is recommend to use Oracle Java Runtime Environment 7 (formerly known as Sun JRE 7) or higher to run the BeeGFS Admon GUI. Other Java runtime environments may work, but are not fully tested.

Table of Contents

  1. Installation and basic setup
  2. Usage
  3. Licensing

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