Admon GUI Start

If your BeegFS Admon daemon is not running yet, start it as described here: Admon Installation and basic setup

By default, TCP port 8000 will be opened by the daemon for HTTP connections.

To get the GUI, point your browser to http://Host_Where_The_Admon_Runs:8000 and download the jar-file from there.

The GUI can be started by double clicking from a file browser or by using the java -jar command (depending on your operating system and configuration). If you want to run the GUI from its default location on the Admon host, use the following command:
 $ java -jar /opt/beegfs/beegfs-admon-gui/beegfs-admon-gui.jar 

At first start, you will be prompted to provide the hostname and port (default: 8000) of the host on which the Admon daemon is running. It is also possible to change the resolution of the internal desktop of the GUI and the default log level of the GUI.

BeeGFS GUI configuration

Note on Java: It is recommend to use Oracle Java Runtime Environment 7 (formerly known as Sun JRE 7) or higher to run the BeeGFS Admon GUI. Other Java runtime environments may work, but are not fully tested.

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