Build BeeGFS from sources (e.g. for OpenPOWER architectures)

For OpenPOWER architectures, BeeGFS can easily build from sources. At the moment of creation of this page, BeeGFS v6.18 was the latest stable release and is used for this description. Depending on the system, different options can be used in this process and just the general procedure will be described here. During those steps references for adaptions of the builds are shown. We will use git and get the public sources and then go through the necessary steps for building the packages.
  1. Get the sources:
    $ git clone
  2. Go into directory v6:
    $ cd v6
  3. Read the BUILD.txt:
    $ less BUILD.txt
  4. Install dependencies that are stated in BUILD.txt:
    $ yum install ...
  5. Change directory to beegfs_auto_package:
    $ cd beegfs_auto_package
  6. Check options for ./make-rpms (or ./make-debs, depending on the system):
    $ ./ -h       #./ -h
  7. Build the packages, defining a version number and the path where to save the packages and for most cases to omit the beegfs-admon packages:
    $ ./ -v 6 -m 18 -p ~/beegfs_6-18_packages -D
  8. Install the beegfs-opentk-lib and beegfs-common packages on all nodes:
    $ rpm -i ~/beegfs_6-18_packages/beegfs-opentk-lib-6.18-*.rpm ~/beegfs_6-18_packages/beegfs-common-6.18-*.rpm
  9. Install the other packages on the machines according to your needs.
  10. Check the instructions for manual installation of BeeGFS to continue with the installation.

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