Building the Client Kernel Module (and RDMA Library)

This page refers to BeeGFS v7.1. Click here for v7.0.

Most parts of BeeGFS come pre-built and ready to use when you install the packages. However, the client kernel module of BeeGFS still needs to be compiled for your specific Linux kernel version.

In addition to that, it might be necessary to install the library package for RDMA support(libbegfs-ib), which contains the RDMA abstraction layer of BeeGFS for userspace applications and services.

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BeeGFS Client Kernel Module

BeeGFS client kernel modules are automatically built on startup of the beegfs-client service (/etc/init.d/beegfs-client) for the currently running Linux kernel, so no manual build step is required. The init script will also detect client package updates and kernel updates and automatically runs a client module rebuild on next startup.

However, Infiniband support is disabled by default. To enable IB support, you need to modify the buildArgs parameter in the build config file /etc/beegfs/beegfs-client-autobuild.conf.

Default value (without Infiniband support):

With Infiniband support:
 buildArgs=-j8 BEEGFS_OPENTK_IBVERBS=1 OFED_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/src/openib/include 

Note: In the buildArgs example above, OFED include files are installed to /usr/src/openib. If you are using the default kernel IB modules (i.e. not the separate OFED modules), then the option OFED_INCLUDE_PATH does not need to be set at all.

To force a rebuild of the client kernel modules, you need to be root on a client node and then call:

$ /etc/init.d/beegfs-client rebuild

After a successful module build, the beegfs-client needs to be restarted:

$ /etc/init.d/beegfs-client restart 

BeeGFS RDMA Library for server services

Note: This section is only relevant if you are using Infiniband or RoCE hardware. If not, just skip to the next section.

If you have your hardware and the correspondent drivers installed, then it is only necessary to install the libbeegfs-ib package to use RDMA with the server services (beegfs-meta and beegfs-storage).

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