GUI-based Installation and Service Management

Graphical installation is performed through the BeeGFS Admon ("Administration and Monitoring"). It consists of a Java GUI and a beegfs-admon service, to which the graphical interface connects. The beegfs-admon service uses ssh to run installation commands on the other BeeGFS nodes. Thus, passwordless ssh login from the host running the beegfs-admon service to all BeeGFS nodes for user root is required (including the node where the beegfs-admon service is running).

Important note regarding security and vulnerability: The http interface provided by the beegfs-admon service is not designed for usage in an unsecured setup! Therefore, you should expose the port configured in /etc/beegfs/beegfs-admon.conf only within highly trusted environments. Make sure, that your firewall rules prohibit any access to that host and port from outside.

Note: If you don't know how to configure ssh without password, you might want to have a look at the tool ssh-keygen to create a public/private key pair (without a passphrase) and then use ssh-copy-id to copy the new key to the other nodes, or use your favorite search engine to search for "passwordless ssh".

Steps for Graphical Installation

  1. Download and Installation of Admon Package
  2. Starting Setup
  3. Configure BeeGFS Nodes and Services
  4. Install BeeGFS
  5. Start/Stop BeeGFS Services

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