Starting Setup

The BeeGFS Admon itself consists of two parts: A daemon process, which must be started using the appropriate init script (/etc/init.d/beegfs-admon) and a Java-based graphical interface (GUI).

1) Start the Admon daemon
To start the Admon daemon, run the following command on the node where you installed the Admon package:
$ /etc/init.d/beegfs-admon start

2) Start the Java GUI
The GUI can be started by double clicking from a file browser or by using the java -jar command (depending on your operating system and configuration). If you want to run the GUI from its default location on the Admon host, use the following command:
 $ java -jar /opt/beegfs/beegfs-admon-gui/beegfs-admon-gui.jar 

3) Connect the GUI to the Admon daemon
Admon connection...

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