Target and Node States (Reachability & Consistency)

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  1. General Notes
  2. Display Target States
  3. Description of Reachability States
  4. Description of Consistency States

General Notes

In the 2015.03 release series BeeGFS introduces reachability and consistency states for metadata nodes and storage targets. These states are important for the high-availability mechanisms in BeeGFS.

Display Target States

The reachability and consistency states can be displayed with the mode "--listtargets" of the beegfs-ctl tool:

 $ beegfs-ctl --listtargets --nodetype=storage --state
 $ beegfs-ctl --listtargets --nodetype=meta --state 

For more information on available parameters please see the built-in help:
 $ beegfs-ctl --listtargets --help 

Description of Reachability States

The reachability state is used to describe whether the system can access a target. It is monitored by the management service. This state is an important part of the buddy mirroring, as failover of targets in a buddy mirror group is based on the reachability state of the primary target.

The following reachability states are defined:

Description of Consistency States

The consistency state describes the status of the data on a storage target or metadata node.

The following consistency states are defined:

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