BeeGFS Client 6.18 - Patch for RHEL 7.5 (CentOS/ScientificLinux)

Due to changes that came along with kernel 3.10.0-862.el7.x86_64 , an error appears when accessing the BeeGFS mount point. The following behavior can be observed:
[root@rhel01 ~]# ls /mnt/beegfs/
ls: reading directory /mnt/beegfs/: Not a directory

A patch is available and can be downloaded from here. In order to apply that patch please follow the following instructions:
$ wget -O /opt/beegfs/src/client/beegfs_client_module_6/0001-client-fix-readdir-in-rhel-7.5.patch
$ cd /opt/beegfs/src/client/beegfs_client_module_6
$ patch -p2 < 0001-client-fix-readdir-in-rhel-7.5.patch
$ /etc/init.d/beegfs-client rebuild
$ systemctl restart beegfs-client          # /etc/init.d/beegfs-client restart
$ mount | grep bee

The result can be confirmed using again 'ls':
[root@rhel01 ~]# ls /mnt/beegfs/

With the release of BeeGFS 6.19, this procedure won't be necessary anymore.
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