Contact & Support

Support Contact

If you don’t have a contract for professional support yet, see below for sales contact and more information.

Before you submit a problem report, please check if the problem is resolved already with the latest version and check if you see any relevant information in the client or server log files (/var/log/beegfs-…) or the kernel log (dmesg).

(Professional support is available in English and German.)

User Mailing List

The user mailing list provides a platform to share your thoughts and your work (e.g. helper scripts) that you have done around BeeGFS or to ask other people from the BeeGFS community for help.

The BeeGFS development team checks posts on the list only on an irregular basis. If you run BeeGFS in a production environment, see below for professional support details to ensure that quick help is available when you need it.
(Note: First emails from new users require approval to avoid spam.)

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Professional Support Information

BeeGFS is typically delivered as a turn-key solution by our international partners. The advantage is that the solution partner will help you design a system that fits your needs, so that you get a system that is tailored, preconfigured, optimized, ready to use and backed by a 3rd level support contract with us.
Professional Support Overview & Advantages
  • Access to BeeGFS Enterprise Features
    • Mirroring
    • High Availability
    • Quota Enforcement
    • Access Control Lists (ACLs)
    • Storage Pool
  • Access to the customer login area
    • Special repositories with early updates and hotfixes
    • Additional documentation and howto guides
  • Direct contact to support
    • Guaranteed next business day response
    • Optional remote login for faster problem solving
  • Fair & simple pricing model
    • Support fees are per server per year, based on the number of machines running the BeeGFS metadata and/or storage service (independent of the number of clients).
    • Different prices for single-target and multi-target servers. (*)
Contact For More Information

As of 2014, ThinkParQ (a Fraunhofer spin-off company) is taking care of sales and consulting for BeeGFS professional support and services. Fraunhofer and ThinkParQ cooperate closely to drive further development of BeeGFS and to provide the well-known high-quality BeeGFS support services.

Interested In Becoming A BeeGFS Solution Provider?

Please note that it is not allowed to sell BeeGFS or BeeGFS-based solutions without a formal partner agreement or end-user support contract. Simply contact to register your upcoming projects or to talk about options for cooperation.


*) A storage target is any directory or partition (usually a RAID volume), which is assigned to a BeeGFS storage or metadata service to store user data. Machines with multiple RAID volumes per server are multi-target servers, machines that are running either a BeeGFS storage or a metadata service (not both) with only a single RAID volume are single-target servers.