BeeGFS is now on GitHub: What does this mean for you?

22nd March 2024 It’s official! BeeGFS has packed its bags (ahem, pollen baskets) and moved to GitHub. This transition marks a pivotal moment for our development team, enabling us to boost our efficiency and increase collaboration with our community. In this post, we’ll address some of the common questions anticipated with this change. What does this mean for you? The most immediate change is if you’ve bookmarked or checked out the BeeGFS source, you’ll want to update your bookmarks and change your git remotes to the new GitHub repository. For downloading pre-built packages, you will continue accessing our package repositories without Read More

BeeGFS has grown up (quietly): Introducing 7.2.10, 7.3.4, and 7.4.0

30th June 2023 If you have seen the latest BeeGFS release notes you may be puzzled why we now have not two, but THREE release branches. Worry not, this is just another sign of the times, the buzziest file system is growing up. Record scratch–you’re probably wondering how we ended up here. Sometimes, BeeGFS is referred to as the "baby Lustre", a comparison we've always found amusing. It is, indeed, a fitting analogy, as BeeGFS has evolved by learning from the path paved by other High-Performance Computing (HPC) storage systems. Like a younger sibling benefiting from their elder’s experiences, BeeGFS Read More

On the importance of using connAuthFile in BeeGFS

10th May 2022 Yesterday, we were alerted to a conversation on Twitter about potential security issues with BeeGFS on systems that don't use a connAuthFile. If no such file is used to authenticate connections between nodes, it is possible to spoof network messages to BeeGFS servers which can be used to trigger file system operations. The code that is being discussed on Twitter uses that to create a setuid file, which can then later be used to gain root privileges on a connected client. We are aware of this issue and have always been advising our users to use connAuthFiles Read More

BeeGFS Data Management

by Peter Braam, CTO, ThinkParQ, January 2021 Welcome to the BeeGFS blog.  I intend to occasionally publish some of our architectural thoughts, specifically to solicit feedback, publicly in blog comments or on our mailing list. Alternatively you can send an email to cto <at> thinkparq <dot> com. Probably we’ll find that posts here will be most useful during our early consideration of features, and perhaps there will be 2-4 posts per year. Read More