Consulting Services

At ThinkParQ, we go beyond geographical boundaries to deliver exceptional professional services to our customers and partners. Explore the cutting-edge services we offer to our customers and partners who have a valid enterprise license and support with us.

BeeGFS Installation remote

Our team specializes in seamless remote installations, ensuring a swift and efficient setup of your technological solutions. Our offer consists of:

  • Installation of BeeGFS remote via ssh according to the pre-discussed configuration.
  • Creation of storage targets.
  • Setup of server-side BeeGFS services and network connectivity. (up to 5 nodes per day)

*The cost lump sum for remote installation via ssh does not include further configurations like inclusion into third-party or any kind of training.

BeeGFS High Availability integration remote

Our skilled professionals can remotely integrate High-Availability features into your infrastructure. This allows you to setup High Availability configuration, based on BeeGFS reference design.

*Details must be discussed and defined upfront with the ThinkParQ consulting team. Minimum 2 days for HA configuration is required.

BeeGFS performance and tuning

Elevate your technology’s capabilities with our performance and tuning services. Our experts analyze and fine-tune your systems to achieve efficiency, enhance overall functionality and responsiveness.

ThinkParQ and the SI / customer will have an upfront discussion about the exact goals of the tuning and the expected impact of the tuning.

Cluster Design Consulting

Rely on our expertise for meticulous Cluster Design Consulting that ensures your technology operates in a highly efficient and scalable manner.

We are committed to taking technology to new heights!