BeeGFS Use Cases


Power Extreme HPC Environments with BeeGFS

BeeGFS is widely popular among universities and the global research community, powering some of the fastest supercomputers in the world to help scientists analyze large amounts of data efficiently every day.


Accelerate cognitive work- flows and infrastructures with BeeGFS

From autonomous vehicles to machines merging to imitate intelligent human behavior, the modern architectural concept of BeeGFS makes it a perfect fit AI and Deep Learning environments. BeeGFS accelerates cognitive infrastructures and workflows in all dimensions (small, large systems) by delivering the required performance and scalability.

Life Sciences

Analyze, discover and store genomics data faster with BeeGFS

BeeGFS is the parallel file system of choice in life sciences. The fast growing amount of genomics data to store and analyze quickly in fields like Precision Medicine make BeeGFS the first choice for our customers.

Oil & Gas

Access reservoir analysis quickly and more accurately with BeeGFS

Reservoir computation introduces enormous I/O patterns that need to be analyzed and visualized, as oil and gas fields are quickly maturing, and more data is being generated. BeeGFS enables geoscientists to have faster access and more accurate reservoir analysis and results for quicker interpretation and visualization.

Media & Entertainment

Power your next generation workflow with BeeGFS

BeeGFS is becoming widely popular among the media, entertainment, and broadcast communities and is seen as the parallel filesystem of choice when it comes to powering next generation workflows.