BeeGFS Hive Suite

BeeGFS Hive is a growing suite of tools designed to further enhance the BeeGFS user experience and increase productivity by delivering faster and more efficient workflows and adding additional functionality. 


BeeGFS Hive Index

BeeGFS Hive Index is a hierarchical index that stores file system metadata to enable users to run queries and searches on a file system with millions to billions of files and receive results in seconds without affecting the performance and efficiency of the file system itself. 

It does so by initially scanning the file system and then incrementally updating the index by reacting to file system modification events it receives from the BeeGFS metadata modification event logger. 

The BeeGFS Hive Index tool is based on the open source software GUFI (Grand Unified File Index), and adapted to BeeGFS specific functionality to maximize value and efficiency.

Running simple query or search commands like “find” on a file system storing hundreds of millions of files  getting results can take significant amounts of time (up to hours and days). BeeGFS Hive Index provides users with faster and more efficient access to their data with and easy to use and highly performant interface and without impacting general filesystem operation. 

Researchers and system administrators can leverage BeeGFS Hive Index for taking the decisions regarding data management e.g data archival, movement and removal based on metadata.