BeeGFS System Admin Certification Training

The BeeGFS System Admin Certification Training program is a three-day interactive training session led by a highly experienced BeeGFS System Engineer.

Limited to only 6 people at a time, people from different organizations can attend the training session as they will not interact with one another. Their communication with our system engineers is private, so that sensitive information can be openly discussed during the training. The number of participants is limited by the number of virtual machines that can be provided in a way that everyone has an acceptable experience.

Remote Training, 12hrs in total sessions, over three days.

Upon successful completion of the BeeGFS System Admin training, all participants will receive a certificate certifying them as a Certified BeeGFS Systems Engineer.

Course cost: US$750/€750
Training daily timings: 10:30 AM to 14:30 PM Central European Time

Hourly Schedule

Agenda Overview

Introduction to BeeGFS
Basic concepts, architecture, and features
Typical administrative tasks
How to work with BeeGFS, basic tooling and configuration
Sizing and tuning
Designing and implementing storage solutions with BeeGFS
BeeGFS resilience tools, Buddy Mirroring
Increasing the resiliency of BeeGFS
BeeOND BeeGFS on Demand
Parallel File System instances created on-the-fly
BeeGFS Hive Index
Reference installation and best practices

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21.Aug.2024 - 23.Aug.2024
$750 / 750€
Available Seats: 6

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21. - 23.Aug.2024
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